Bible Study 9 AM
Worship 10 AM

750 14th Street Calera, AL 35040

The Parable of The Sower.

Three Types of Soil Represent non-Christians

1. Road – Unbelievers John 15:18-25
2. Rocks – Looking for Insurance, but no commitment John 6:60-70
3. Thorns – Attempts to Serve Two Masters Matthew 7:13-14, 21-29

One True Christian – That which produces fruit John 15:1-8, Matthew 7:15-20

Questions to Ask:

1. How many of us are living in the rocky or thorny soil and are fooling ourselves thinking we are believers?
2. By your fruit this past week/month/year, which soil are you?
3. Could it be that our church is made up of more children of the devil than the children of God?
4. When will we get serious about our faith and start producing fruit?