The past two years we have packed over 400 shoeboxes each year for Operation Christmas Child. We have started out strong again for 2020. Last year, our shoeboxes, went to the Bahamas, Sengeal, Chad, Mali, South Sudan and a Hard to Reach Area.  See the chart below for how many shoeboxes we have for each age group. Typically we have a packing party on the last Sunday of the month at 9 AM. We would love to have you join us. 

March 29 - Girls, Ages 5-9 (Postponed due to COVID-19 outbreak) - Rescheduled date TBD

April 26 - Boys, Ages 5-9

May 31 - Girls, Ages 10-14

June 28 - Boys, Ages 10-14

July 26 - Boys/Girls, Ages 2-4

August 30 - Boys/Girls, Ages 5-9

September 27 - Boys/Girls, Ages 10-14

October 25 - Boys/Girls, All Ages